SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (1-10-12) Annual Strategy

During this call we talked about the 5 Step process you can use to plan a powerful Annual Strategy for this year.  What are you going to accomplish? How much money do you want to make? What are you going to do to make that money? Who are the people you are going to work with to make things happen? and How are you going to serve and assist these people fulfill on their own goals and sense of purpose?

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (11-29-11) - Planning for 2012

We had a good session working through the planning process for next years strategy.  There were a couple of callers who shared their real-life situations with us.  Check this out and help yourself plan to make 2012 the best every year yet.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (11-15-11) Special Guest - Mari Smith

Mari Smith the world's leading Social Media and Relationship Marketing Specialist talks about her book and winning social media and FaceBoook strategies all small business owners can use today; to take their businesses to the next level. Very informative and very practical guidance you can use in your business right now.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (11-8-11) $2M @ Retirement?

This was a real good session - we launched the $2million at retirement conversation - where I suggest that the very least we need to do is have $2million capital at work at retirement (if you live in the Mid-West) because it will yield $80,000 a year to live on.  For all you Small Business owners ... this is real. Listen to this recording and change your business strategy.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (10-18-11) Special Guest - Author, Andy Paul

Andy Paul has published "Zero-Time Selling".  This book it not just a collection of tips, but it is truly deeper thinking and it is filled with nuggets and strategies that you can use.  It is written for people who want to get effective information fast.

1. Zero-Time Selling Website: http://zerotimeselling.com/

2. Free Sales Team Assessment: http://zerotimeselling.com/assessments-2

3. Free Sales Tools: http://zerotimeselling.com/tools

Buy Zero-Time Selling

1. Buy Zero-Time Selling on my website
2. Buy Zero-Time Selling on Amazon.com
3. Buy Zero-Time Selling on BN.com

Regardless of where you purchase my book, the 35-page Zero-Time Selling Quick Start Guide eBook is available as a free download to all purchasers of Zero-TIme Selling.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (10-11-11) Are You on the Right Bus?

Everything you are doing today should move you towards retirement with "$ 2,000,000 Capital at Work".  I believe that this number is the baseline for people living in the Midwest.  Where is your business going to take you?  Will it yield two million dollars where you want to retire? This is a powerful conversation!  Look at your career and business and make see if it will help you save this kind of money.  If it does not ... get on another bus.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (10-05-11) Saying Thank You Always (As a Sales Strategy)

Showing up with appreciation and gratitude that you are consuming your and your clients most precious commodity - time - allows you to be super effective. Time is something we all expend and don't get back.   Gratitude is a sales strategy to make a significant connection.  People is what will grow your business.   We don't win every deal in business, and we don't grow without people.  What is the value of your clients?   With that level of gratitude in action you will hold a higher level of professionalism and it helps you to qualify fast - is there an opportunity or not?  This attitude helps you hone sensitivity of and appreciation to customers' needs.  Being grateful totally changes the game from the client's perspective - and it gets them talking.  Gratitude strengthens relationship of trust.  This will help you get more business.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (09-27-11) Being Proactive in Your Clients' Lives

Be proactive in your clients life and the things they need - whatever product or service your are selling has a business value.  Find out what strategic initiatives your clients are committed to addressing, and figure out what projects they can address now.  Sales is personal, based on relationships of trust.  People don't buy from people they don't like and don't trust.  Be the expert and understand the problems to provide the solutions they need.  Get personal with your clients, take the leadership and take care of them - for the sake of solving problems, creating a better tomorrow, and generating revenue - because without revenue you have no profit. 

SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (8-24-11) Follow Up With Everyone

Simple Sales Simple Business 101: You never know which contact will produce results.  You must be strategic and have meaningful conversations and follow up and follow through again and again.  It's about taking care of people and keeping their interests in mind and following up on a consistent basis.  Who you are really matters.  Reach out and add value.... that is following up.

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SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (8-17-11) Communicating and Networking Powerfully

The ultimate closing statement in the marketplace today is "How can I help?" Without a powerful network it is difficult in todays marketplace.  When you network with purpose - that is NOT networking for the sake of networking - but rather by being clear about who you are and your purpose, then you can help solve business problems.  Networking starts by being crystal clear and anchored in that, only then you can move on to addressing strategic initiatives.  Networking is crucial, but you must be absolutely clear on what you are looking for.

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