SMALL BIZ FIGHT CLUB (6-15-11) It's All About Profit

Do you want to make a profit?  You have to be the expert, reading the market and then delivering something people want.  There has to be value.  Remember the fundamentals: It's all about profit.  People forget purpose - it's their choice in life, what are you working for?  How do your clients want to be spoken to?  Are you speaking to your clients in the way that they are listening?  Harness the power of people.  In your space of possibility to act profitably, you need to provide value in a way, that, when you act with them, they help you make profit - That is something that you need to manage carefully.  Profit only exists only when there is value; if there is low value, then you need to sell high volume.  Every business has to have soul, an ambiance, a feel - something visceral that your clients feel.  Once you find your business' soul you'll attract business.  You must address the emotions of your clients first, you will access value - logic comes second.  People buy emotionally, and justify with logic.  Address this consciously and make this part of your strategy.  

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